Discovery of 'mysterious' object in the galaxy: 'Sometimes it appears and then disappears'

Friday 28 January 2022

Australian scientists claim discovery of 'mysterious' object in the galaxy: 'Sometimes it appears and then disappears'

Some Australian scientists say they have discovered an object moving in our galaxy that has no precedent in the past.

The space object was first discovered by a university student and later when scientists examined it carefully, they said that they saw a rain of radio waves every 18 minutes which lasted for a minute.

It is not uncommon to hear of bodies emitting energy into space, but Australian scientists claim that it was a strange thing to be activated for a minute and then stopped.

The team of experts says they are trying to understand the mystery.

This mysterious object was first discovered by Curtin University student Tyrone Odaharti. He was in a remote area of ​​Western Australia at the time, using a new technique to observe space objects other than binoculars, which is his own invention.

Tyrone was working with a team of scientists led by space physicist Dr. Natasha Hurley Walker, who is affiliated with the Department of Space Research at Curnton University.

According to the space research center, Dr. Natasha said, "During those few hours when we were observing it in the sky, it seemed as if the object would sometimes appear and then disappear."

"It simply came to our notice then. It was a mysterious thing for (like us) astronomers because there is nothing in our sky that does that. "

Dr. Natasha says that for experts, there are no new objects in the universe that keep burning, they are called 'transient', but Dr. Jima Anderson said that 'something that burns for a whole minute and then goes out. It was a 'very strange observation.

The university's research center added that after a careful review of data over the past several years, the team concluded that the space object was about 4,000 solar years away from Earth and that the light emitted from it was extremely bright. There is a very strong magnetic fence around this object. ‘

There could be many theories about this mysterious object, perhaps a neutron star or a short stay. The term short-lived star is used to describe the fragments that remain in the event of a large star collapsing inside itself, but the discovery of this new space object is still largely a mystery.

According to Dr. Natasha Hurley Walker, if this thing were to reappear in the future, we would know that it was a unique event of its kind or that there are other such space objects in the sky.

"I wish we could understand this thing more and then continue to look for other bodies like this."

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