Does sexual desire decrease with age?

Monday 17 January 2022

Claudia and Lewis met at a very young age. At first glance, they thought they were made for each other. Emotions were high at the beginning of their relationship. They were always thinking of each other. They were influenced by each other.

They were sexually aroused by touching each other and they often had sex with each other.

They spent all their lives together. Although they had some health issues during this time, they are generally healthy and self-sufficient. They spend time at the nearest daycare center in their area, taking walks and helping each other with household chores. Occasionally they even take care of their grandchildren.

The two are still attracted to each other but now the nature of these feelings is different. They are happy with their love and physical relationship. It's the love of life's companionship, the love of the relationship that you want and that will last you a lifetime.

Sex and lust are two different but important aspects of the human sexual process. Throughout life, this process is considered to be related to how the body's attraction, mutual pleasure, and humor are connected with it in daily life.

Older people need to be as happy and healthy as children, adolescents, young people, and adults, although they are rarely thought of as such, especially among those who live an institutional life their aspirations do not disappear with age.

As you grow older, being sexually active is considered a fundamental right and a sign of a good quality of life. The way a man feels or expresses himself as a man or a woman is a fact that lasts a lifetime. This is called sexuality.

Pleasure does not diminish with age

Most older people are sexually active and the interest and pleasure in sex do not diminish with age.

Although age, in itself, is not a reason to change the sexual practices that have been enjoyed throughout one's life, they may need to be modified according to the strength of certain physical strengths, diseases, or medications where appropriate.

When one is sexually active, these changes are less obvious and can increase imagination, sensory stimulation, and a supportive environment for happiness and acceptance for the meeting.

Research into these external stimuli examined the needs that older people talk about the most.

From topical creams to penile horns, men are most concerned about penis performance, while women are more interested in avoiding discomfort during sexual intercourse, in addition to sexual stimuli such as perfumes and sex toys. Gives.

However, it is important to understand that there are adults who choose not to engage in sexual activity and this is normal.

The effect of biogy

The psychological and social factors that affect sexuality with age are very important. In many cultures, sex is considered the work of young people and older people are less likely to engage in anything that could negatively affect their self-esteem and in turn affect their sexual performance. Is.

For example, being a widow or a widow has many implications for emotional and sexual health because those who have been in a relationship for most of their lives may not know what their long-term sexual feelings are. Be done

According to data from University of the Elderly students, 93% said that sex is a very important part of their well-being and 71% said that their sexual desire is reduced even when sexual intercourse is reduced. She stays active and loves her partner.

What used to be intense and passionate love under the influence of dopamine is now love for one's partner. Loving the partner you love, which is now dominated by sensations and emotions, but also the neurotransmitters (serotonin and oxytocin) that have calming effects.

These changes can manifest as emotional openness during sexual intercourse, loss of pleasure during intercourse, and satisfaction with one's mood after sexual intercourse.

Considering gender, people differ in their own image in their minds, for example, the intensity of sexual arousal (54% male / 45% female) or between what is given and what is received. Balance (63% male / 36% female).

The love of pleasures is maintained and spread throughout life. We must not forget that if we do not join them already, we will all grow old in the next few years and we will get what we all want, that is, enjoyment, dignity, privacy, and without any interference. Individual attention

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