The phone that fell into the river several months ago was returned to the citizen

Friday 24 June 2022

If your smartphone slips out of your hand and falls on the floor, your heart beats a little and you pick up the phone and immediately check if there is any fault in the phone and you breathe a sigh of relief when you see that the phone is in good health.

But if your phone falls into a river, there is no hope of getting it right, of course, you buy another smartphone instead.

However, a citizen's iPhone fell into the water during a party 10 months ago in the UK's Y River and has been recovered.

Surprisingly, the phone worked despite being in the water for 10 months.

Miguel, a citizen, found the phone in the river while traveling in a boat with his family. Miguel pulled the phone out of the water and brought it home to dry with an air compressor.

After the phone was dry, the city started charging, and surprisingly, the mobile started charging.

Miguel shared phone photos on a Facebook group and posted a picture of the lock screen in which a man and a woman were standing.
This post was shared thousands of times until the person in the photo was identified as Owen Davies, a resident of Scotland.

Davies said he was sailing in the river when the phone fell into the water.

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