Parris Hopson went for a walk on Christmas day and never returned. Her cell phone was left charging in her car. Where is Parris?

Saturday 27 August 2022

Tragedy Strikes the Hopson Family

Today I want to share a story about a young woman from Columbus, Ohio named Parris LeChelle Hopson who went missing on December 25, 2019. She was 26 at the time.
Before Parris went missing, her family had already endured tragedy. In the early morning hours of June 16, 2017, Parris's brother Perry (22 at the time) was involved in a hit-skip accident that eventually took his life. Perry was seated in the passenger seat of his vehicle while it was being driven by someone else. Police still do not know who was driving Perry's vehicle early that morning, but the driver caused a head-on collision and left the accident on foot, abandoning Perry in the passenger seat. In fact, police assumed at first that Perry was the driver who had left the scene since the car was registered to him, even visiting his home after the accident and asking his girlfriend if she'd seen him.

Perry survived in the hospital on life support until the following April when he succumbed to his injuries at the age of 23, leaving behind 2 young children. His daughter was born while he was in the hospital.

Parris and Perry had a close relationship. In fact, Perry chose to name his newborn daughter Perasia LeeAnn Hopson in part because that meant Perry, Parris, and little Perasia would all share the same three initials: P-L-H.

According to some reports I've found, Parris had taken it upon herself to uncover the person responsible for driving her brother's car and causing his death. Some rumors indicate she may have been close to discovering the identity of this person, or perhaps getting together the proof needed to turn this person into police when she vanished. However, other things I've read sound as if everyone knew who was driving the car, but there was never enough evidence for the police to do anything about it.

Parris was also vocal about her brother's accident and is quoted in several news articles online about it, including one bizarre article about how Perry's crumpled car was used in some sort of anti-drunk-driving campaign during prom at the local high school. Parris and her family were understandably upset about this, especially since Perry's accident didn't involve alcohol, and the family believed the car was the main evidence in Perry's death investigation and was still being combed for clues.

Parris Disappears on Christmas

On Christmas Day 2019, Parris and her mother Rochelle were visiting Parris's grandmother at her home in Massillon, Ohio. It sounds as if the pair traveled north from Columbus on Christmas Day for this visit, and had not stayed the previous night. Parris's relatives, also present for this family gathering, report that Parris was acting strangely that day, pacing and appearing anxious (her mother even says later that Parris had been suffering from insomnia). Her mother at one point encouraged her to go outside and get some fresh air.

Eventually, Parris told her family members that she was going for a walk to clear her head and slipped out of her grandmother's home, heading to nearby Shriver Park.

A neighbor saw Parris and even spoke with her, during Parris's neighborhood walk. The neighbor claims to have seen Parris walking in the direction of the park, and Parris even greeted this neighbor and the two exchanged a "Merry Christmas." This is the last time Parris was seen. She was wearing blue jeans, black boots, a burgundy shirt, and a black purse with her. The Facebook page "Finding Parris" says she was also wearing a black peacoat. Some comments in this group from family members also indicate she may have not only left her cell phone behind, but her cigarettes as well. As a former smoker, this sends up some serious red flags for me. I wouldn't have gone anywhere without my cigarettes.

The Aftermath

After several hours of waiting for Parris to return, her relatives called the police and reported her missing. They found her cell phone in her / her mother's vehicle, charging, so it appears she went on her walk without her phone, and I believe (reading between the lines) they were attempting to contact her on her phone when they found it in the car. They were able to look at her phone and see some of her messages and call history; they found no evidence that she was planning to meet up with anyone during her walk. However, they discovered that Parris had contacted a church pastor that day and inquired about attending services that evening.

The family told police that Parris did seem depressed and anxious, but they had no reason to believe she intended to harm herself. Parris was allegedly in a relationship at the time of her disappearance, and Parris's cousin says the man in question was "trying to alienate Parris from her family." I am having a hard time finding more information about this relationship that isn't pure gossip, so I will leave it at that for now.

I was able to find two Facebook profiles for Parris, and she was posting pretty actively up until her disappearance. Many of the posts are public, and I found several that indicate she may have gone through a breakup in November or early December of 2019, right before she disappeared. There is also a lot of content related to her religious beliefs and her event planning business.


- Did Parris buckle under the grief of losing her brother and decide to harm herself?

- Did Parris meet up with her ex-boyfriend (or whomever this man was in her life), and did this person harm her? Considering she was hours away from where she lived at the time of her disappearance, and assuming the man in her life was also from Columbus and not near Massillon, this one doesn't seem likely.

- Did Parris discover who was responsible for her brother Perry's death - and that person or someone close to that person harmed Parris to protect themselves? Did that person or persons know she'd be in the area for Christmas and use that as their opportunity? Her brother's accident occurred in this area, so this could be possible.


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