Discovering mammals millions of years ago

Wednesday 28 September 2022

Puerto Eligray: Scientists have identified a meal that has been destroyed millions of years ago with the help of a racketeer (fastel) tooth.
The Brazilodone quadrangles were a rat like a rat, length of 20 cm in length, and had two sets of teeth.

Experts say that this little Mammalia existed in the same period when the oldest dinosaur was alive, and this discovery highlights the evolutionary process of current mammals.
According to experts, the remnants of this animal are 22 million 50 million years old. However, to date, no remnants have been left in the Mammali glands. For this reason, scientists had to rely on hard tissues such as teeth and bones.

The senior author of the research, Dr. Martha Recctor, said that 22 million 54 million 20 thousand years old is the oldest remnants of the records in the record, providing information about the environment and the evolution of the missiles.

Researchers say Brazilodone is the oldest spinal cord that has become extinct.

The research was conducted under the guidance of the Federal University of Rio Grande Du Sial, based in Puerto Eiger, Brazil, and was attended by scientists at the Natural History Museum and Kings College London.

The research has been published in the Journal of Anatomy.

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