Today I Learned - Charles Darwin spent 6 months in South America looking for a lesser rhea

Saturday 1 October 2022


1: Charles Darwin spent 6 months in South America looking for a lesser rhea (an ostrich-like bird) only to have one served to him for dinner. Halfway through the meal, Darwin realized what he was eating, gathered the parts, and sent them to England for taxidermy and formal classification.

2: Senator Strom Thurmond had a child out of wedlock named Essie Washington-Williams who was black. She revealed herself as his daughter after his death at the age of 100. She tried to join the 'Daughters of the Confederacy, as she was eligible through her father's ancestry, but she was rejected.

3: The Xerox 914, the first commercially successful photocopier, came equipped with a 'scorch eliminator'. The scorch eliminator was actually just a fire extinguisher, which was required as the device commonly caught fire.

4: The Water Speed Record is one of the world's most dangerous competitions. Of the thirteen people who have attempted it since 1930, seven have died. The record is 317.59 mph, set by Ken Warby in 1978.

5: There is one bull that is widely considered to be the hardest bull to ride in the history of professional bull riding, as well as the most dangerous. His name was Bodacious.

6: Hurricanes cannot form within 300 miles of the equator, due to a lack of the Coriolis effect, which causes winds to curve to the right, in the Northern Hemisphere, and to the left, in the Southern Hemisphere, because of the Earth’s

7: Bhutan held mock elections with 4 mock parties to prepare the country for a democratic transition. The two first-round winners chose high school students for candidates in the second round.


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