Today I Learned: The team that developed Aureomycin

Monday 3 October 2022


1: The team that developed aureomycin, the first broad-spectrum antibiotic ever discovered, consisted of a Harvard discriminated Indian scientist, an age discriminated scientist who was the son of a Confederate officer and a preeminent black doctor in the 1940s.

2: Today I Learned that upon ascending to the throne, Mehmed III, the 13th sultan of the Ottoman empire, ordered that all of his nineteen brothers be executed. Fratricidal successions were not unprecedented, as sultans would often have dozens of children with their concubines.

3: Josiah Bartlett signed the Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation. He would have also signed the U.S. Constitution, but he could not raise travel money. Because of this, Roger Sherman is the only person to sign all three founding documents.

4: In 1996, Dallas businessman John Spano bought controlling ownership of the NHL's New York Islanders for $165 million dollars. After nearly a year it came to light he didn’t have nearly enough funds to complete his purchase of his team.

5: Paul Stanley (lead singer for the rock group KISS) cannot hear out of his right ear. His ear was misshapen from a birth defect called microtia. In 1982 he had reconstructive surgery and his new ear was formed from cartilage from one of his ribs, with skin grafts put over it.

6: The Penan people of Malaysian Borneo have developed a secret forest language called Orono that utilizes sticks, leaves, vines, and other debris to create symbols and signs to alert travelers to certain dangers. They can also be used to request help and set up activities with fellow kin.

7: Quillaia extract (the milled inner bark or small stems and branches of the soapbark evergreen tree) is added to many soft drinks (such as root beer and cream soda) to provide a 'foaming' effect. It is also used as an additive in some foods to aid in keeping them moist.

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