The hungry hippo swallowed the 2-year-old, then rescued him a short time later.

Saturday 17 December 2022

Uganda: A 2-year-old child was swallowed alive by a hippopotamus in Uganda, Africa. Seeing this, when a person there started throwing stones at Hopper, he vomited out of fear. Due to this the child also came out of the animal's mouth.
Thankfully, nothing happened to Masoom. He suffered only minor injuries. The incident happened last Sunday in Katwe Kabaturo town when the child was playing near his home by the lake when a hungry hippo grabbed him in its huge jaws.

According to the Telegraph, the boy, named Paul Iga, was a few hundred yards from Lake Edward when the hippo attacked him. Thankfully, a man named Crispas Bigonja saw him and immediately started throwing stones at the hippo. Due to this, the animal spat out the baby alive in panic. The picture of the child is also going viral on social media which has been shared on Twitter by the handle @gorillasights. This incident shocked people.

According to Ugandan police, this is the first incident of its kind when a hippo strayed from Lake Edward and attacked a child. Paul was taken to a nearby clinic and then transferred to a hospital in Boera town, where he was given a rabies vaccine as a precaution and sent home. The child was not seriously hurt.

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