First Chinese Penguin Born in Europe

Saturday 25 February 2023

Prague: A female Chinese penguin chick has hatched at Prague's birdhouse for the first time, which is not only important for China but also for the whole world as this species is endangered and at risk of extinction.


Experts at Prague's bird house in the Czech Republic have announced the birth of the first penguin chick in Europe during captivity, which is a step forward for the conservation of this important species.

The announcement was not made immediately after the birth of the penguin chick, which was born on February 2, 2023, because it was underweight and experiencing further weight loss. The experts made efforts to find out that the chick's mother, "Ren Ho Teng," did not have enough milk.

Immediate contact was made with Taiwan, where experts advised giving the chick cat milk. The penguin's mother was also stimulated in various ways to produce more milk. Afterward, the penguin chick's condition improved significantly, but it has not been named yet.

According to the head of the birdhouse, Miroslav Bobek, the weight of the penguin chick at birth was 135 grams. Chinese penguins are found in Southeast Asia and Southern China, while the other four species of penguins are found in Africa.

Last year, this animal was brought to Prague from China, where they are relentlessly hunted for their meat and skin, and even made into soup and medicine. In 2019 alone, two hundred thousand penguins were hunted. However, they require special humidity, temperature, and other items to be kept in captivity, and they need a lot of care.

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